No checkered flag for Kaufmann at the Nürburgring

Testeinsatz in der Youngtimer Trophy endet frühzeitig mit technischem Problem. Nächster Halt: 24h Nürburgring!

Testing in the Youngtimer Trophy ends early with a technical problem. Next stop: 24h Nürburgring!
The motorsport season 2021 started for Wolfgang Kaufmann with the special “Weekend Heroes” format, all training sessions and races on one day. The Molsberger competed in the Youngtimer Trophy in the BMW 2002 from the 1970s. In the first qualifying, Kaufmann burned the second fastest lap on the 5.1 kilometer Grand Prix circuit of the Nürburgring into the asphalt. Vehicle owner Uwe Klapproth took over for session 2, which ultimately meant starting position four.
"At the start I was able to overtake the two Opel Kadett Cs in front of me and move up to second place," said Wolfgang Kaufmann, explaining the starting situation. After that, the man from the Westerwald gave the 70s touring car with a Formula 2 engine the spurs and looked like the sure second in the 25 lap race. "I had the competition behind me well under control, unfortunately there was nothing I could do up front," said Kaufmann. But after only five laps it was involuntarily over, as the oil pressure of the two-liter BMW engine dropped and Kaufmann brought the youngtimer back to the pits at a slower pace. “We didn't want to damage the engine any further and therefore switched it off as a precaution,” said Kaufmann, disappointed at the premature end of the race. “But the car has potential, maybe we'll get another outing organized this year, Uwe is an absolute BMW professional”.
But first of all, the events of the next two weekends will provide plenty of action. At short notice, there was a driver's seat at the Nürburgring 24h for the next weekend. As in the previous year, Wolfgang Kaufmann docks at MATHOL Racing from Diez with team boss Mathias Holle and Kaufmann have known and valued each other for many years. "I am happy to be able to compete for MATHOL Racing again", said Kaufmann. "Since some spectators are allowed to be at the ring now, we will try even more to offer everyone a great racing action".
Then it goes to the historic Grand Prix in the French Paul-Richard above Nice, where the Formula 2 March 782 is used again.

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