Wolfgang Kaufmann on podium at Dijon

In Dijon, pleasure and frustration were close to each other in the historic Formula 2.

The Dijon Motors Cup event in France marked the end of the 2021 Formal 2 season. In the well-filled field, Wolfgang Kaufmann was able to live up to his nickname "Piranha" during training. In qualifying for the determination, Kaufmann set the best time with a lap time of only 1.17,, 276 minutes and while the majority of the competition needed a double-digit number of laps to be fast, “Piranha” was only 8.
At the start of the first race, however, Kaufmann had to give way to his Formula 2 rival Manfredo Rossi, but stayed close. “That dragged on over the entire distance, at the front it was only a tenths of a second gap,” said Kaufmann, describing the course of the race. In the penultimate lap, the Westerwälder was able to push past briefly and take the lead. "But in the end Rossi drove too hard for me with the historical material, so I preferred to back off and secure second place before something happened," said Kaufmann. With a gap of 0.731 seconds and a podium place in the bag, the pleasure factor for race 2 was definitely great!
From that position 2 it went into the second run of the weekend on Sunday and this time Wolfgang Kaufmann was ahead when the race was released. He grabbed the lead in March 782 and was unwilling to give it up this time. The plan worked out brilliantly in the first three laps, but then the race management put a damper on it. "I should not have been correctly in my start box in the starting lineup, so I was given a drive-through penalty," said Kaufmann, explaining the circumstances. The Molsberger followed the instructions of the race management and rolled once through the pit lane.
Now the fighting spirit was really spurred on and Kaufmann chased after the field. For 16 more laps he worked his way through the competition and crossed the checkered flag in second place! “I was so caught up that I almost missed the flag,” Kaufmann later admitted. But the joy about the supposed renewed podium place lasted extremely short. Immediately after parking the vehicle in Parc Ferme, Kaufmann was received by a marshal and taken to the stewards. “They made me wait there for a relatively long time, only to be told that I would have driven too fast through the pit lane with the drive-through penalty. Namely with 71 instead of the allowed 60 KM / H ”, said an angry Kaufmann. The 11 penalty seconds imposed let him drop back to 4th place.
“A somewhat frustrating end to what was actually a very nice weekend”, concluded Wolfgang Kaufmann when he looked back at the Dijon event. “The organization of the organizer HVM Racing was excellent, as usual, the numerous fans awesome. In terms of performance, my car was perfect and there were no problems the whole weekend. Only the circumstances that the time penalty was imposed after the race made me sad ”.
The 1978 March BMW is now on the winter break. In 2022 the season is set to resume with the Jim-Clark Revival in Hockenheim

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